Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big Brother Cornhole Game - iPhone app

Alright guys -- As promised this entry is about the Big Brother Cornhole game that you can download from the App Store.

Now, I'm not normally a Big Brother fan, but for some reason this year I've been hooked. Somehow I've been able to see all the episodes, sans a few, but thanks to the full episodes on the CBS website, I've been able to stay tuned in.

Alright, I know that last paragraph sounds really sorry, but I'm not too worried about it! None the less when I was told about the Big Brother Bean Bag Toss game I had to try it out.

So let’s get to it.

Pick your opponent from the group of cast members and start tossing bags.

This app is a POV Cornhole game that uses the slide of a finger to toss the bags toward the cornhole board. While the cornhole board dimensions look like a tailgate size, I won't hold it against them.

After playing the cornhole game for a while I was definitely getting frustrated with constantly overthrowing the bags. So it takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it...LOOK OUT!!

The feel of the game is a little stiff in regards to gameplay, but what do you expect from a promo app.

Overall I'm giving this addicting cornhole game one thumb up aka a B. Not quite enough for an Airmail Spotlight, but definitely worth the download.

Where oh where can we find an addicting cornhole game? I'm thinking a cornhole game with the feel the Bocce Ball game made by Play Screen.

Overall Grade: B

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Brother 13 Plays Cornhole!

Ever since Big Brother began I think I've watched a complete 5 minutes...until now. For some reason I've been hooked on this season of Big Brother, Big Brother season 13. And sure enough on episode 18 the stars aligned I found out why I've been drawn to this season...CORNHOLE!!!

This week's coveted VETO competition pitted the cast members against each other in a game of Cornhole. Of course in true Big Brother fashion the producers modified the game a bit to a game that resembled cornhole, golf, and plinko, it was a very creative spin on the game we love. Thanks Julie!

Check out the complete cornhole episode of Big Brother Season 13 Episode 18 here.

And stay review of the Big Brother Cornhole app will be coming soon. Go ahead and download the app from the app store and get your comments ready!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jimmy Fallon & Miley Cyrus Play Cornhole!


That’s right! We actually did it! We got cornhole on Jimmy Fallon. Tonight, Jimmy challenged Miley Cyrus to a game of cornhole. You might remember we started a push to get cornhole on Jimmy’s Late Night show, and after 2 years of us doing absolutely nothing…it finally happened. Sure we made an initial push via tweeting his interns and sending the show a few email that may or may not have actually ever been opened, but regardless, we are declaring this a victory for the Cornhole Community!!! Everybody joins in on the fun.

Maybe next time one of the great cornhole game builders might provide a set of real solid wood cornhole boards. I know there’s a bunch of builders out there with great plans for unique and creative designs of cornhole boards. Do you have any pics of boards you’ve done?

Clip of Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon playing Cornhole on the Late Night Show!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jimmy Fallon Late Night Games - Beer Pong Game

It's no secret, I'm a Jimmy Fallon fan, and by the way, Thanks Jimmy for helping me waste more time online! I know it's not cornhole, but come on, we all know that were there's cornhole and tailgating there is beer pong. And while I'm still on the search for an addicting cornhole game that matches the quality of the game that was retired in 2009, this addicting beer pong game will hold you over.

Check out this addicting online beer pong game thanks to Jimmy Fallon Late Night Games. Can you beat my 9532 score? (Which I think is rather respectable for a first time.)

We are still looking for an addicting online cornhole game. Do you know of any? Lets us know so we can fire up the Air Mail Spotlight. It's been awhile since we've let that baby shine and we are dying to clean the cob webs off of it. Shoot us a message!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who Said You Can't Play Cornhole at Christmas

Maybe it's a little chilly outside these days, but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy a little cornholehole. If you are making your own boards check out my blog post on the proper cornhole board dimensions. And please don't be afraid to send some pics of your progress.

This is a great time of year, not just because of the holidays, but because we are in the middle of the NFL season and college football's bowl week is just around the corner. And don't forget the NCAA basketball season. It's perfectly acceptable to tailgate and play cornhole before a basketball game...anybody that tells you otherwise is just jealousness they don't have any cool cornhole boards like you do.
Speaking of cool cornhole boards, if you have any pics of you playing in the snow, or playing with the ugly Christmas sweater, shoot them our way. You could be selected to be featured on the Airmail Spotlight.
Hope everyone has a great holiday and thank you for stopping by the CORNHOLE EXPRESS.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cornhole Bags and Cornhole Boards...ALL SUMMER LONG!

Cornhole season his here! While in the southern states cornhole season never ends, but us midwesterners deal with a little bit of snow...ok, a lot of snow! So, hibernating over the winter is our only option.

But now it's cornhole season and we are back! We've put the call out to our writers, testers, and players that it's time to cornhole again!

We know there are a lot of spring and summer events out there that we'd love to hear about. If you are putting on a cornhole tournament or having a fundraiser, we'd love to help you promote your cause. Let us know at and you might be featured on our Air Mail Spotlight!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cornhole Boards for Tailgating

We continue to look at different types of cornhole/bean bag toss games here on the Cornhole Express Blog. Make sure you check us out on Twitter.

Most die hard cornholers won't play on anything other than a set of boards that has been made to fit the standards of the American Cornhole Organization. That is fine for the pros, but for those more interested in playing cornhole before a football game or NASCAR event, those professional sized boards can be hard to transport and are a pain to lug around to the tailgate sight. Here is the perfect alternative:

While the standard size and materials set forth by the American Cornhole Organization is 4 ft. long by 2 ft. wide, cornhole boards also come in "tailgate size." Tailgate size cornhole boards are 3 ft long by 2 ft long. Other than size, tailgate sized cornhole boards can be made from materials other than those used for the Professional cornhole boards.

Stroll through the tailgaters at the next event and you'll notice a lot of players using boards that are made out of 2 X 4's and plywood. Check out some great free cornhole board / bean bag toss board plans over at another popular sight, And stay tuned for more info on cornhole boards & cornhole bags.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

AIRMAIL SPOTLIGHT is on Naperville Bags

This week's AIRMAIL SPOTLIGHT is on Naperville, Illinois based Naperville Bags.

Chicago, look out! Here comes Naperville Bags, one of Chicago Land's leading suppliers of all things cornhole. These guys are on a mission to bring cornhole to the world.

During this year's Naperville Labor Day Last Fling, Naperville Bags held its 2nd annual cornhole tournament. They raised more than just cornhole awareness – they raised some cornhole sized money for the Naperville Jaycees Organization.

If you're having/had a Cornhole Tournament and would like to be featured on the CORNHOLE EXPRESS AIRMAIL SPOTLIGHT - shoot us an email.

Congratulations, Chris and the rest of the gang at Naperville Bags, on your successful event!!!

With 32 teams coming out to play in the double elimination tournament, the top three teams walked away with prizes including LCD HDTVs donated by Sears, American Cornhole Association regulation sized cornhole boards, and the popular Bean Bag Buddies.

The real winners, though, were the Naperville Jaycees and the organizations they support.

Naperville Bags ships cornhole boards and bags across the country, and also does rentals. Regardless of the size of event you are having, Naperville Bags will help you get the gear you need.

Like all of us here on the Cornhole Express, Naperville Bags LOVES CORNHOLE and wants to share the excitement with the masses. Great job Naperville Bags!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Target Toss Pro: Bags - Simply the Best

We want to hear from you...What is your best Target Toss Pro: Bags score and what establisment did you toss it at? If you don't remember your score, just tell us where you think the best place to play Target Toss Pro: Bags is. We might feature you. And be sure to follow both @CornholeholeExpress & @TargetTossPro on Twitter.

Thank you Incredible Technologies for bringing Target Toss Pro: Bags into our lives. Not every tailgater can make it into the stadium. But for those fans, not all is lost, especially if your favorite sports bar has Target Toss Pro: Bags!

If you own a sports bar in Cornhole Country, or anywhere for that matter, and don't have one of these arcade style games, it is totally lost revenue. But that's not the point of this blog. The point of this cornhole blog is to introduce to the masses, the best arcade cornhole game there is.

Target Toss Pro: Bags is just as addicting as the real thing, simply because it is as close to the real thing as one can get. Keeping the charm of cornhole yet incorporating the "This time I'm gonna hole it" challenge of a real cornhole game. Target Toss Pro: Bags is the perfect alternative to the real deal.

You can play in any weather condition with crazy wind and challenging skill games. You have total control of the bags with different toss styles such as flop, slide, and bounce. And there is even a tournament mode for up to 16 players. Did we mention, just like the real cornhole game, you can play Target Toss Pro with a beer in hand.

Incredible Technologies even keeps a Bags Hall of Fame on their Web site. Players from around the country send in their photos with their winning scores to be slated one of the best Target Toss Pro Baggers around. They have yet to have anyone toss a perfect game. Will it be you?

All in all, Target Toss Pro: Bags is by far the best Cornhole style arcade game that any one of us here at Cornhole Express has ever played…drunk or sober. If your favorite sports bar doesn't have one of these games, demand they get one.

Just as sports bars have made us all better fans by bringing the game to us, Target Toss Pro has made us all better tailgaters by bringing the party in the lot to our favorite sports bar spot! (Yeah, we rhyme sometimes.)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cornhole Boards - Great Summer DIY...but ok to Buy too

Over the next few weeks, we will be going over the differences in cornhole board materials and cornhole board sizes. As well as anything that has to do with cornhole...including arcade games. Yes, including video and arcade games. Building or buying cornhole boards can be confusing if you don't know what your looking for.

Want to have a little fun during these dog days of summer? Yeah, so do we – that's why we play cornhole. We have been posting about this fun outdoor game for awhile now, and think you should give it a try. A lot of cornhole players build their own cornhole boards. If you're looking for the regulation cornhole board dimensions, we have them here. Cornhole board dimensions are pretty standard between two styles – Regulation Cornhole Size and Tailgate Size. Building a set of cornhole boards can be a great weekend Do-It-Yourself project. You should be able to run down to your local Home Depot or Lowes and get all the supplies you'll need for this project. For all you Dads out there, this is a great project to work on with your son or daughter while enjoying some time together.

If the summer days are flying by you as they are flying by us, it's ok to buy a set of cornhole boards from someone who makes them. There are many retailers that build cornhole boards for you. Be careful though. Not all cornhole boards are created equal. Be sure to understand the different kinds of cornhole boards.We'll be going over the different styles of cornhole boards in the coming weeks – so stay tuned. Cornhole come in a range of materials. Everything from plastic boards (kids only please) to high quality finished wood cornhole boards. Also, there are different strengths. Some are light weight while others are sturdier and are of heavier build. They can be painted with your favorite school logo or just left without paint. It's totally up to you.

Cornhole is a great game to enjoy in the backyard, at a tailgate, or during a fundraiser. Anyone can play and more often then not, most people become addicted…so BEWARE: Cornholing in large quantities can result in addiction.